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Red Horse Foundation - Thrupp, GLS

Contact: Lisanne Peters

07963 863 453

Our regular client base includes; Drug and alcohol recovery.We service local substance misuse rehabilitation centres. 

At Risk Youth. Trauma and PTSI,( post traumatic stress injury) Depression, Anxiety, Autism and Special Needs. School groups and PRU's. Children and Adults and Elderly.

Red Horse Foundation is committed to providing a very high standard of care for all our clients.

Our team of equine therapy facilitators have mental health training and experience in their chosen field. Red Horse Foundation is set up only to provide Equine Therapy, plus a small amount of therapeutic riding. The herd is chosen and nurtured to be of sole use to our clients. Red Horse Foundation offers a safe, tranquil, secluded environment where clients can bring their worries and cares, and begin to reshape their lives with loving support from the horses, facilitators and the environment. 

EAGALA Certified (Lisanne Peters & Semira Fardon & Nicky Amor)


Thrupp, GLS GL5 2EX
United Kingdom
51° 43' 59.8548" N, 2° 12' 3.8304" W