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Northwest Counseling Center LLC - Billings, Montana

Contact: Dr. Robert Bakko LCPC, CCMHC, PC 


Northwest Counseling Center LLC provides community based, in-office psychotherapy, for all ages from infant through elderly. In addition, Dr. Robert Bakko LCPC, CCMHC and Rochelle Smith are EAGALA Certified and provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy using the EAGALA Model.

We work with children 10-12, adolescents, adults, couples, families and Anger Management for adults.

Equine Psychotherapy may help with the following conditions: trauma and complex trauma, depression, anxiety, behavior problems, self-esteem problems, anger, shame, guilt, relationship problems etc. We also provide Equine Assisted Learning for a variety of populations.

Eagala Certified: Robert Bakko and Rochelle Smith


Billings, MT
United States