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The PEACH Pit - Fort Valley, Georgia

Contact: Gwendolyn Coley

478-82PEACH (827-3224)

The PEACH PIT Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that works to help clients help themselves.

Our mission is to tap into the naturally reflective nature of horses to help clients overcome obstacles to a happy and healthy life. To help them help themselves. Our vision is to ensure clients feel emotionally and physically safe enough to allow a horse to serve as part of their counseling and therapy team so they can walk away from the experience feeling more empowered to make changes.

EAGALA Certified: Gwendolyn Coley, Carol Stratmeyer, Jessica Denniston, Paige Jobe


Fort Valley, GA 31030
United States
32° 33' 18.7452" N, 83° 52' 35.9004" W