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Alexandra Graves - Chesterfield, DBY

Supervision for EAGALA Professionals in the UK

Contact: Alexandra Graves

01246 232 437 or 07774 692 418

I am a certificated supervisor with nine years experience who also has trained in the Fundamentals of Eagala and has practised the model. I own my own horses. I am offering individual or partnership supervision for both Mental Health Practitioners and Horse Professionals who practise EFP/EFL, because I know it can be important to have supervision with a supervisor that has knowledge and experience of the Eagala model.

I would preferr to met for at least the first session and then ideally at intervals thereafter but I am happy to offer the supervision via telephone inbetween if geography is an issue.

EAGALA Certified


Chesterfield, DBY S41 8DT
United Kingdom
53° 15' 23.418" N, 1° 27' 11.4336" W