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Selected Articles on EAGALA with Military

26 October 2014: "Four-legged therapist making a difference" by Mara Klecker on how a veteran benefitted from EAGALA Model at Take Flight Farms in Nebraska
12 September 2014: Office of U.S. Representative Julia Brownley "Brownley Announces VA Partnership with Reins of Hope for Veterans' Mental Health Services," an EAGALA Military Services provider
8 February 2014: "Equine-assisted therapy helps soldiers deal with PTSD" by Drew Brooks,, on EAGALA with soldiers from Fort Bragg
3 October 2013: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs "VA Montana Health Care System Equine Therapy Program" by Terrie Casey on EAGALA program for the VA Montana Health Care System
26 August 2013: Trusting bonds: Rescue horses bring healing to veterans by Marionette Kubicz, Grand Traverse Insider, on PEACE Ranch contract with the Dept. of Veteran Affairs for EAGALA Model EAP services
5 November 2012: Honoring All Who Serve: Veterans Day 2012 publication in Rochester, MN "Operation Sanctuary: Finding a Way Home" by Heather Jeffrey and Ray Anschel on an EAGALA collaborative in MN providing services for military servicemembers and their families

12 October 2012: Veterans benefit from horse therapy at Windhorse Farm by Kevin Doran,, on EAGALA Advanced Certified Dr. Joseph Lancia's program in New York 

4 May 2012: Local clubs help fund equine therapy, Kaiseslautern American, Vol. 36 #18, page 23, Germany

27 February 2012: Work with horses helps veterans with PTSD by Doug Schmidt, The Windsor Star, plus see PHOTOS from this article and VIDEO embedded in this article: Traumatized veterans find help elusive

Fall 2011: Navy Medicine News "Alternative Therapy" by Tami Begasse, pp. 22-23

7 September 2011:  EAGALA Military Services media release

31 August 2011: NH Jax Pilots Horse-Assisted Therapy by Jacob Sippel, Military/Mayport Mirror

2 December 2010: Horses help heroes in healing by Kris Gonzalez and Mike A. Glasch, Fort Jackson Leader, p. 3

1 December 2010: Horses Helping Heroes: Psychotherapists use equine therapy for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder by Nadia Macias, The Horn

28 October 2010: When a horse is more than a horse by Shane Cohn, Ventura County Reporter

13 January 2009: Back from war, veterans taming their wild horses by Mark Hare, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle