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Training & Certification Program

EAGALA has a comprehensive training and certification program to learn the EAGALA Model of equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development.   

What is the EAGALA Model?

Why horses?

Upcoming dates and locations of trainings?

Why take the EAGALA trainings?  The EAGALA Model profoundly impacts people and helps them make healthy changes in themselves and their relationships.  Our communities are strengthened when people overcome their addictions, decrease criminal behaviors, thrive after suffering intense trauma and abuse, improve their school performance and social skills, and strengthen their teams, marriage and family relationships.  The EAGALA Model has helped people make these changes effectively, including when other methods have not had this impact.  As a result, interest and awareness of this model continues to grow worldwide. It is very rewarding for professionals and clients alike.

Why EAGALA?  The primary reasons professionals give for attending EAGALA:

  • EAGALA's high standards 
  • The quality of the trainings
  • The structure the model provides in effectively implementing horses into therapy and learning
  • The professionalism and accountability of EAGALA's certification 
  • The tools learned in the EAGALA trainings are applicable to many environments - including office therapy, education and life
  • Professionals state these trainings change and impact many aspects of their lives - personally and professionally
  • EAGALA is the largest, most established professional association for equine-assisted psychotherapy 

Who attends?   The EAGALA Model requires a team of a mental health professional and an equine specialist professional.  Backgrounds range from mental health professionals with no horse experience, to equine specialists with no mental health experience, and everyone in between.  Others who attend include students, educators, coaches, corporate trainers and other professionals and individuals interested in this approach and who serve as a third member of the EAGALA team. 

More information: Click here for more information on the Certification Program!