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The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association Annual Conference
Call for Proposals

The EAGALA Annual Conference is a networking and educational event for professionals who are practicing or just newly interested in equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development. Our conference is specific to the EAGALA Model approach.

Conference presenters need to be EAGALA Certified professionals with experience in a specific topic area to share. Other topics may be considered by non-certified professionals depending on the subject matter and relevance to the practice of EAGALA work. Topics may include those specific to actual practice (such as special populations, facilitation skills, ethics, research, theoretical foundations, etc.) or to benefit our members in starting and building successful businesses (such as marketing, business start-up, etc.)

Presenters do not receive any stipend, but do attend the conference at a discounted rate of $300 per person (this applies for up to 2 presenters per workshop). Presenters need to be willing to sign a release allowing EAGALA to tape (video or audio) their presentations which may be sold through EAGALA as part of the conference series.

Thank you for your interest and support by sharing your incredible experience with our membership! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Select the conference you are submitting your proposal. Please note the deadline for submissions.

Please select your first choice for workshop type and time slot. If that option is not available, you may be contacted to see if another option will work for your workshop.

Workshop title. Please make it descriptive of what you are presenting. Titles may be edited by the conference committee if the workshop is approved.

Write at least 3 learning objectives for the workshop. Learning objectives must be observable and measurable. Each learning objective must start with "Participants will (action verb) ______" and contain action verbs that describe measurable behaviors, i.e. "list, describe, identify, apply, demonstrate, discuss, assess, recognize, utilize, create, observe", etc.

Provide a description of the workshop focus and content. 200 words maximum.

Full name. Include licensure credentials if applicable on any presenter names.

Mailing address of primary presenter.

List the full name (if applicable) of a co-presenter.

Email of co-presenter.

List additional co-presenters.

Emails of additional co-presenters listed above.

Type short bios for each presenter. 100 words maximum each presenter bio.

Sample disclosure: Jane Doe is a presenter. Jane receives a salary (commission, stock, etc.) in company X. Company X products/services will be discussed during the workshop.

If none, write "none."

Products or services may be mentioned in the workshop if:
- it has been disclosed in the submitted proposal
- it has been approved by EAGALA to mention in the workshop and any potential conflicts resolved
- the primary purpose of it being mentioned in the workshop is to further enhance the topic being discussed and provide resources for gaining further education
- when there are other resources/products available, these are also brought into the discussion
- the financial interest of the presenters is also disclosed to the workshop attendees

Please list any audio visual needs you have for the classroom, i.e. LCD projector, overhead, flipchart, tv/dvd, etc.

If doing a horse arena workshop, please list number of horses, types, and props needed.

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